Hours and days open: 


My Tiny Tots is open from 7.30am - 6.00pm 


Monday - Friday both term time and throughout school holidays. 


I am closed on bank holidays (no charge will be made for these days) I am also closed between Christmas and New Year. 




I charge £8.00 an hour including all meals (Breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea) 


If you are late collecting your child in the evening, you will be charged £8.00 every hour after 6.15pm. (Obviously I understand occasionally there are delays, if there is please can you contact me via text message or whatsapp) 


Days out:


I will take children to local groups, the cost of these groups will not be included in the fees, however I will notify you and seek your permission beforehand. 




If I take a holiday then no fee will be charged as the setting will be closed. If you take a holiday, then the full amount must still be paid to save your child’s place. This also applies if you take your child out for a single day. 

I will give at least four weeks notice should I wish to take any holiday. 




If I am unwell then you will not be charged for the time I’m off. If your child is unwell you will still be charged. 




You will be sent an invoice at the end of each week which will need to be paid by Monday. Payment can be made by bank transfer. 


What you will need to provide:


  • Nappies 

  • A change of clothes in case of spillage, messy play etc

  • Sun cream 

  • Sun hat 

  • Appropriate footwear ie wellies if raining 

  • Hat, coat (rain mac), gloves, scarf and boots in cold weather 

  • Baby formula & bottles 

  • Comfort toys/ blankets 

  • Medication if required 

  • Anything else you think your child might require 


Please can you write your child’s name on any of their belongings. 

What I will provide: 


  • Aprons for messy play 

  • Bibs 

  • Food and drink unless you wish to bring your own

  • Cups & beakers 

  • Plates & cutlery 

  • Buggy 

  • Sleeping mattress and blankets 

  • Car seat 


Settling in: 


I understand how difficult it is for parents to leave their child with a childminder and return to work. I will therefore work with you to ensure your child is settled and that you are happy with the care that I will provide. I aim to settle your child in as quickly and securely . If you contact me to proceed with my childminding service I invite you back for a second meeting to complete the relevant paperwork, we would also arrange a settle-in period for your child. Some children do take longer than others to settle and some settle quickly therefore the length of a settling in period will depend on each child individually, usually a 2-3 hour session works with most children. I will work with you to support your child through this transition period and make it as easy as possible. It is important that you and your child are relaxed and happy in my home and with the care I provide. I will however ask you to provide anything that would make your child feel more at home ie a comfort blanket, dummy ect.


3 month to 6 month reviews: 


When your child has settled, after 3 months i will ask parents to join me for a chat, to talk about how their child is developing. After the first review, i will then do the reviews every 6 months, but of course, if you have any concerns or would like to share any information with me before the review date, then please do. 


Daily Feedback:


Each child has a Daily Feedback sheet which contains everything they have been up to throughout the day: 


  • What they have eaten, and roughly portion size

  • Nappies (soiled) (wet) 

  • Sleep and time 

  • Activities 

  • What they have enjoyed 

Special occasions:


If you have a special occasion coming up and you would like your child to celebrate in my care, please detail what occasion it is so i can organise special activities for them. 


If you wish to bring in birthday cakes, treats etc.. please do. Kindly i ask if you can bring shop bought cakes, so that parents are able to see ingredients in case of any dietary requirements. 


Treats will be sent home with the Children at the end of the day. 


Everyday, i will talk the children out whether its the park, library, playgroup, or even for a walk. Risk assessments are done on each outing. 

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