Richard & Susan - We are very happy with Tiny Tots. Our daughter receives excellent care from Charlotte & Hannah who are always warm, welcoming and loving towards her. They work hard to personalise learning to develop the children and often take them on exciting outings to develop their interests and show them the wider world. Tiny Tots has excellent communication with parents through their app and one to one contact. Our daughter considers Tiny Tots a home from home and is developing well under such loving and attentive care. We consider Tiny Tots to be an environment of trust, love and care.

Laura & Kosta - Charlotte & Hannah are providing a wonderful caring environment for our daughter. She is happy being there and talks positively about her friends as well as Charlotte & Hannah. Charlotte's environment is extremely clean and she thinks about all elements of safety. Charlotte provides nutritious meals. She listens to any concerns I have and communicates well with us - this is hugely important to us. I really value this. I love that Charlotte and Hannah take the children out to the park, to playgroup - I believe all variety and care has ensured that our daughter is very confident and a happy child. I would highly recommend Charlotte and Hannah.

Charlie & Courtney - We have been so happy with the setting at My Tiny Tots. Charlotte & Hannah provide an exceptionally warm and caring environment, which makes the setting feel like a home from home for our daughter. We find the vast range of activities provided to be a great mix of educational and fun, in addition to being culturally varied & relevant and inline with pre-school themes / academic calendar. The space itself is always very well presented with clean and organised toys / equipment. It has a lovely combination of safe outdoor space and cosy indoor space. We have been very impressed with the 'Baby Days' portal/app used by Tiny Tots. It is very informative and thorough and provides a lot of reassurance throughout the day. Charlotte & Hannah are both excellent communicators and keep us well informed at all times. The ratio of children to staff seems to work well and it is a lovely mix of children at the setting. The setting provided an excellent atmosphere for a range of ages 0-3. 


Pravin & Sameera -  I have been very happy with the service Charlotte provides. She provides good balance of time outdoors and indoor activities. She is very flexible with the timings which is very convenient for working parents. Charlotte provides a large range of play opportunities for the children which are fun and encourage their learning & development. We get daily feedback & photos through the app. It is evident that my Son clearly enjoys his time at Tiny Tots. 

James & Emma - From the first time we took our Son to meet Charlotte & Hannah it was clear he was comfortable in the setting, and they went out of their way to put him (and us) at ease. He still finds drop-offs difficult after many months, but Charlotte always takes time to talk, listen and ensure he is comfortable as much as possible. I have been very impressed by the facilitates and the way they take opportunities to celebrate and learn from different occasions e.g. Diwali, St Georges Day, Children in Need etc... which my son loves. The care they take is fantastic! I feel Charlotte & Hannah pay attention to his emotional needs from the feedback they provide us with, and I have been really impressed on many levels. 

Tola & Ayo - We are very happy with how our son has developed in the Tiny Tots setting. He is well looked after and we know his development with regards to his education and communication have improved whilst being there. The setting is safe and we are always informed if there has been any accidents. Charlotte & Hannah are doing an amazing job with the children and you can tell they take the time to prepare activities which keeps our child stimulated and happy.